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About us

In 1992 the SPORTS SIGNS idea was born and developed out of our own need for revenue. We know first hand how well this fundraiser works and how easy it is. This is the fundraiser we chose for our new high school athletic program.

As you know, your local school board builds new school buildings, but they likely do not fund or build athletic facilities. Our local school board did nothing to help us with these "extras" so we as parents had to do it ourselves. SPORTS SIGNS was how we built our high school baseball field and facilities. In one year we built dugouts, added professional lighting, concession and press box. Our renewals each year afforded us to add indoor and outdoor batting cages, bullpens, hitting machines, locker rooms, coaches offices and new uniforms every year!

We at SPORTS SIGNS are great believers in what we have personally achieved with this fundraiser and what it can do for you and every athletic program across the country. We know every young person wants to be the best athlete they can be. SPORTS SIGNS will help you raise the revenue needed to ensure every student athlete's dreams come true with community involvement.

Communities are made up of relationships with its people, businesses, schools, etc. So build your community relationships by bringing everyone together and supporting each other. SPORTS SIGNS fundraising does this!

Make fundraising efforts pay off in a big way this year and for future student athletes that can and will succeed on and off the playing field. The easiest way possible is by contacting SPORTS SIGNS and letting us help get you started.

SPORTS SIGNS fundraiser builds "Fields of Dreams"!

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The ultimate easy fundraising solution.
"The biggest revenue producer is our outfield fence." -- Lloyd Skoda, Head Baseball Coach
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