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Getting started

Local businesses need us as much as we need them: restaurants, fast foods, department stores, gas stations, banks, churches, laundry/cleaners, hospitals, etc. The list is endless, which means an endless supply of sponsors. All you have to do is ask for their support and they will become your sponsor. It's that easy! All businesses advertise and they need their sign on your athletic field as much as you need them as your sponsor. Every business has an advertising budget and advertising expenses are tax deductible! Go for it! It's easy - just ask!

Coaches appreciate parent participation in supporting the teams fundraising efforts, not to mention it gives the student athletes more time to focus on their studies, practice and games. This is a dream come true for coaches! Parents are the most effective in getting business sponsors. It's the parents money that support your community businesses so it makes perfect sense - all parents have to do is ask and the sponsors will want their name on your fence. Often times the same parents and fans like to purchase a sign to show their support as well.

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Every business is looking for the cheapest advertising solution and "sporting events" offer constant visibility that last for hours. Game time creates a captive audience that any business could ever hope for. Even billboards and the Yellow Pages do not offer as much "constant visibility" as advertising signs on an athletic field.

The easiest way to get started is by contacting SPORTS SIGNS!

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"The biggest revenue producer is our outfield fence." -- Lloyd Skoda, Head Baseball Coach
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