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Profit calculator

SPORTS SIGNS are professionally crafted for years of renewals! The profit estimates below should be eye-opening! The local business you are inviting to advertise on your athletic field fence will be for an initial year plus 1-4 year term as their renewal period. This will allow you to maximize profits the first year and include renewal years added in all at the same time. Regardless, if the local business would like a one (1) year sponsorship and decides to continue supporting the program 2-3-4 or more years out, absolutely 100% of the renewals is your profit and will always be yours to collect and spend!

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1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
Sell Profit Sell Profit Sell Profit
10 signs $1,850 10 signs $8,850 10 signs $15,850
20 signs $3,700 20 signs $17,700 20 signs $31,700
30 signs $5,550 30 signs $26,550 30 signs $47,550
40 signs $7,400 40 signs $35,400 40 signs $63,400
50 signs $9,250 50 signs $44,250 50 signs $79,250

Several "Profit Calculator" examples have been given to illustrate the potential advertising options that could be offered to your local businesses; the choice is yours to make. Simply subtract the one-time purchase of your sponsors sign and you are left with all of the profits. The example used for calculation is based on the initial (1) year for $350 and renewals added to the calculations above. Your renewal amount can be any amount you want it to be; maybe more or maybe less than the calculations above. That is also your choice!

Your cost per sign:
$165 Estimates based on 5 ½' x 10' signs with 25 characters or less Additional characters are $2.50 per character 
UPS shipping/handling not included

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