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Our signs

Coaches and communities love the uniform look of SPORTS SIGNS with no multi-colors or extreme graphics. We make a playing field less distracting to the players while making your surroundings more environmentally friendly. Who wants their field to look like a bunch of billboards? Your initial sign purchase for your sponsors is so small when a one minute phone call can produce hundreds to thousands of dollars for your program for EACH SPONSOR you sign up!

SPORTS SIGNS are ideal for:

  • Baseball fields
  • Softball fields
  • Soccer fields
  • Football stadiums
  • Tennis courts
  • Swimming pools
  • Batter's eye
  • Back stop
  • Privacy screening
  • Field dimensions
  • Markers

Using windscreen material on your athletic field is the only material that is wind friendly on any fence. Our polypropylene windscreen has a quarter (¼) inch open ventilation strip every one (1) inch throughout the total length and height of our signs. The grommets are spaced every one (1) foot for easy hanging and the weight is approximately 2-4lbs per sign. No more wooden or aluminum signs that weight at least 50+lbs each and are difficult to move and store after every season. Wooden and metal signs not only weigh a lot, but will place an extreme amount of wind load on your fence. The same goes for corrugated material and vinyl banners. Wind cannot penetrate these solid surface sign materials. Just one person can hang a SPORTS SIGNS sign with ease, no help needed!! They are easy to take down if you elect to store in the off-season. Simply roll them up and stand in a corner, out of your way, and without taking up a great deal of storage space like heavy flat signs do.

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SPORTS SIGNS are ready to hang when you receive them. They are professionally crafted using a computerized layout. Our paint is extremely safe to the environment and has been formulated specifically for windscreen application. We offer the choice of either white or gold which illuminate best during the day and at night under lights. SPORTS SIGNS are created for years of harsh weather, winning seasons and RENEWALS!


  • Polypropylene wind screening providing ventilation (open mesh)
  • Less wind load on your fence
  • Resistant to mildew or shrinkage
  • Reinforced binding
  • Completely grommeted
  • Will not become soft or brittle from weather exposure
  • Easy to install; attaches to any fence
  • Low maintenance - high visibility
  • Maintains like new appearance
  • Minimizes glare and "off-field" distractions
  • Year round advertising advantages
  • Provides stadium appearance to your athletic fields
  • Custom sizes available
  • Computerized lettering layout
  • Roll up for easy storage

We work with programs at all different levels, such as recreation leagues, city leagues, and all college divisions.

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